Nova Scotia College of Medical Laboratory Technologists

Renewal Policy


This policy defines the process that a NSCMLT licensed member must follow for the annual renewal of his/her license with NSCMLT.


To maintain your membership with NSCMLT, and you're standing in the NSCMLT roster, members are required to submit a renewal application and pay their annual fees before December 31 each year and to maintain the required number of continuing education credits in accordance with the NSCMLT TeKnowledge policy.


  • It is the member’s obligation/responsibility to apply for annual renewal of his/her license and to pay the annual renewal fees in accordance with NSCMLT before December 31 of each year, regardless if the Registrar notifies the member or the member fails to receive the notice
  • A member must complete and submit to the Registrar the renewal application with all required information; proof of CSMLS membership and PLI insurance and the annual renewal fee
  • The completed renewal form must be submitted online, or by mail
  • All renewal application and fees must be submitted by December 1 each year or are subject to late fees
  • Incomplete renewal application or failure to submit fees before December 1 are subject to late fees
  • The Registrar may suspend a license; if a member fails to renew existing registration on time. The member’s name will be listed on the roster as “suspended” for public information. Any member whose license is suspended will be unable to continue practice in Nova Scotia using the protected title “MLT” and must not claim to be qualified to do so.
  • Failure to submit an application and fees before January 1 the reinstatement policy will apply.
  • Upon successful completion of annual renewal of registration according to NSCMLT requirements specified in the Registration Regulation, and this policy, the Registrar shall issue a MLT license.

Effective Date: Jan. 2004
Date Approved: Sept. 2010
Date to be Reviewed: April 2018

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