Nova Scotia College of Medical Laboratory Technologists

Annual Renewal

MLTs must renew their registration with the College every year. Registration begins September 1 and expires on December 31 each year. This ensures that only qualified MLTs are practising. 

Remember: You cannot work as a medical laboratory technologist in Nova Scotia until you have received notice from NSCMLT that your application has been approved.

Your Accountability As A Licensed MLT

All MLTs as a self regulated professional are responsible to renew their licence yearly to legally practice as a medical laboratory technologist. NSCMLT via email will send out reminders to renew and notifcation when your renewal is complete to your email on file. If you work as an MLT without a practising licence this may result in a professional misconduct complaint. 

Important Dates

Reenwal deadline is December 31. Our licence renewal starts September 1. Please note a late fee of $50.00 apply December 1 - December 15.  December 16 - 31 a late fee of $75.00 is applied. Renewal reminders are sent out automatically. Once your application is approved you will no longer receive a reminder. 

MLTs On Payroll Deduction

MLTs on payroll deduction through their employer (NSHA, IWK, CBS) are required to submit a renewal application. Under "Choose Your Method of Payment" please select your payroll provider (NSHA, IWK, CBS). Please note you are subject to late fees if you do not apply before December 1. You are not required to apply to CSMLS, as the NSCMLT will forward your payment and application to CSMLS on your behalf. 

Begin Payroll Deduction

Would you like to have your NSCMLT and CSMLS fees deducted from your pay throughout the year? Please contact your HR department to begin the process. 

Going on Leave (parental, short or long term) or Retiring

You are required to renew your licence if you are planning on working at any time during the year. That includes a few days or weeks. Your licence is valid for the entire year.  NSCMLT does not offer any short-term licence option at this time. Please note if you are not planning on working you must submit a change of status form found under the licensing tab. 

Ready to Renew?

The button below will take you to our secure membership software, where you will complete the renewal process. Your progress will be saved, so you can return at any time, should you be unable to complete it at once. If you forgot or need to reset your password, visit the login section and click on " Forgot Password?" a password will be sent to your email on file. If you no longer have access to this email, please click on "contact us" and complete the form.

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