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As a Medical Laboratory Technologist, you will be responsible supporting the Veterinary Pathologist with diagnosis by performing routine and specialized tests on sample materials as well as the sample analysis of a variety of laboratory testing functions. These samples will range from animal/bird sera, animal tissues, feces, milk, urine, environmental samples - barn dust/ hatchery fluffs, cheese, butter and tissues preserved in formalin. Within this role, you will have the opportunity to rotate between avian (ELISA) serology/ mink Aleutian disease section, or veterinary bacteriology section, or dairy raw milk testing section with cross-training and secondary rotations in parasitology, salmonella, listeria, E coli, coliform and Staph environmental/cheese testing and histology. You will also ensure testing is in accordance with Standard Operating Procedures to meet standards set by the Accreditation Body as well as inform lab supervisor of any problems or malfunctions.

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