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TeKnowledge.ns Application


The minimum number of credits required to obtain a TeKnowledge.ns certificate is eight. Credits are based on the work experience and educational activities acquired during the 4 year period prior to the submission of the application, except in the case of return to practice.

A maximum of 4 work credits can be submitted to obtain a TeKnowledge.ns certificate. One work credit is based on 500 hours worked.

A minimum of 4 education credits must be submitted. Refer to the current educational credit chart to determine applicable credit values. If the applicant is unsure as to how educational credits are to be applied, contact the NSCMLT Registrar.

Reading material documented on the application must be itemized. Applicants who submit “CSMLS journal articles x 40” will be asked to re-submit a list of the articles.

Copies of all learning material should be kept for 4 years in the event of an internal audit. A copy of the application should be kept by the member in case the initial application is lost or does not reach the NSCMLT office.

Developed June 2005 by Professional Practice Committee

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