Nova Scotia College of Medical Laboratory Technologists

Approved Practice Hours Policy


To define the areas of employment which meet the criteria to be considered as a practicing Medical Laboratory Technologist.


To maintain a Practicing License with the Nova Scotia College of Medical Laboratory Technologist (NSCMLT) a member must be working in the field of Medical Laboratory Technology.


1. a) Practicing Hours of work must be within the following areas which have been approved by the NSCMLT:

  • any of the medical laboratory technology disciplines and or extensions of these disciplines
  • medical laboratory technology management
  • medical laboratory technology education programs
  • medical laboratory technology research
  • phlebotomy *
  • accessioning *
  • laboratory information systems

1. b) The hours worked in the areas listed in 1(a) may be worked in any of the following settings:

  • hospital laboratories
  • private laboratories
  • provincial laboratories
  • medical clinics
  • medical laboratory technology diagnostic research laboratories
  • physicians' office laboratories
  • wellness centres
  • specimen collection centres
  • blood transfusion agencies
  • veterinary medicine laboratories
  • medical laboratory technology training institutions
  • other settings approved by the Credentials Committee

* In order to be issued a Practising Licence for these areas, the MLT is required to be in a MLT position. In addition to performing phlebotomy and/or accessioning duties, the MLT must be using scientific knowledge and quality management duties related to their MLT education and certification.

Number: 3.08.1
Section: Registration
Date Developed: June, 2005
Date Reviewed: June 2012

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