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Social media is changing the way we communicate and interact with the public, coworkers, patients, employees, employers and other stakeholders within the workplace.

There are many different types of social media for networking such as Facebook, YouTube, twitter and LinkedIn and more are emerging. There is one constant with all social media communications and that is an exchange of information at a high speed with global access to any information published. The casual conversation style of social media can make it easy to unintentionally cross the professional boundaries. This merits appropriate use of these applications when it comes to the workplace and your profession.

NSCMLT recognizes the benefits of social media, but we also acknowledge the hazards associated with this type of information exchange. As a regulated profession , our priority is to protect the public along with a responsibility to our profession and our employers. While engaging online the use of sound judgement, common sense and professionalism, will help prevent unprofessional conduct of a medical laboratory technologist. Nova Scotia Medical Laboratory Technologists Code of Professional Conduct must be upheld while using social media.

You have the right to express your opinions and ideas, but you also have an ethical and professional responsibility not to violate patient, hospital or workplace policies that may negatively affect your employer, co -worker or patient.

Patient confidentiality should be of the utmost importance. The disclosure of any information may lead to the disclosure of the identity of the person and with any adverse comments made; this could lead to unprofessional conduct. This type of behaviour may lead to being reprimanded for unprofessional behaviour of a medical laboratory technologist.

Medical laboratory technologist should draw on these guiding principles:

  • MLT’s are required to conduct themselves in a manner that reflects well on their profession.
  • MLT’s must comply with employer policies in regards to social media and internet usage.
  • MLT’s are responsible for maintaining professional boundaries with patients. This should be considered before accepting a “friend request” on facebook or any other social media.
  • Protect the privacy of others and respect their opinions.
  • Postings to social media sites are subject to the same laws of copyright, libel and defamation as written or verbal communications.
  • You are personally responsible for the content you publish online through social media, and can be held liable for any remarks considered to be defamatory, obscene, proprietary or libelous.

CLPNNS Use of Social media and Electronic Communica tion
ACMLT Social media Policy
Nursing Times “The Use of Social Media”

Date Approved: December 2013
Effective Date: December 2013
Date to be reviewed: December 2016

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