Nova Scotia College of Medical Laboratory Technologists

Release of Information Policy

Release by NSCMLT of membership Information to the Media/Public upon request in relation to non-compliance, complaint and/or suspension.

  1. Subject to any court order concerning confidentiality or disclosure of information and subject to any publication bans, no information surrounding a complaint against a member shall be released by the NSCMLT at the investigative and complaints stage of the profession conduct process. NSCMLT will neither confirm nor deny that:
    1. a complaint has been received by the NSCMLT, or
    2. an investigation of any complaint is underway.
  2. No details with respect to the matter will be released of any member except in accordance with our Medical Technology Act (Act). Section Discipline 44.
  3. The suspension shall be recorded on the NSCMLT Roster. The other regulated provincial bodies and the CSMLS will be notified by the Registrar. Regulation 19 (a, b, c) The Chair of the Board of Directors shall release the information available on the NSCMLT Roster and any other information directed to be released by the Hearing committee. Act Section 71(1)
  4. Notwithstanding clause 1 when there is information about possible criminal activity on the part of the member, the Hearing Committee may recommend that the Chair disclose such information to law enforcement authorities.

All Media/Public requests shall be forwarded to the Chair of the Board of Directors from the NSCMLT office.

The Chair of the Board of Directors shall respond to the request based on the NSCMLT policy and procedures.

Suspension and Reinstatement
Date Developed: March 2013
Reviewed Date: April 2016

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