Nova Scotia College of Medical Laboratory Technologists

Professional Liability Insurance & Legal Defence

Professional liability insurance: provides coverage for civil litigation arising from malpractice in your role as a medical laboratory technologist or a medical laboratory assistant.  This may be obtained through CSMLS or other regulatory bodies. CSMLS also provides coverage to student members enrolled in CMA accredited education programs and/or approved, full-time bridging programs.  This student coverage is only in force during the student’s clinical placement.

Legal defense insurance pays for the cost of legal representation in the event that you are called to appear as a witness (in your capacity as an MLT), at a coroner’s inquest or civil proceeding.  It also provides coverage for legal defense costs for disciplinary hearings before a regulatory body, and proceedings in criminal court upon a not guilty finding.

One of the most important benefits that CSMLS provides to its members is low cost professional liability and legal defense insurance (PLI).

Professional liability insurance is also available from the regulatory bodies in Saskatchewan (SSMLT) and Quebec (OPTMQ)*.  They do not however, provide legal defense coverage.  The Ontario Society of Medical Technologists provides both professional liability and legal defense insurance but the levels of coverage are lower than the CSMLS plan.


Professional Behaviour

The best defense you have will be based on your character and professionalism. When other co-workers are present, be careful how you speak to one another in front of the patient. Remember that the patient or the family may be listening. If you are involved in a claim, do not discuss it openly in the workplace because the plaintiff’s investigator may be present.

Do not allow yourself to be pressured into doing anything you are not trained to do, certified for, or that would violate the standards of practice for medical laboratory technologists.

Take time to document everything properly. A daily diary recapping unusual circumstances can be valuable if you are being accused of a negligent act.

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