Nova Scotia College of Medical Laboratory Technologists

Practising Restricted Medical Laboratory Technologists

This policy pertains to Practicing Restricted Medical Laboratory Technologists (MLT) Licensed in NS, in Agreement to Section 78 (1) of the Medical Laboratory Technology Act, who retire and subsequently wish to practice again

To grant a practicing license to those who wish to return to practice after retirement with a restricted license.

A NSCMLT member who holds a current Practicing-Restricted NSCMLT License and who changes their License status (i.e. Retires within the year that the member gains or renews a Practicing Restricted License) may resume practicing MLT duties as long as the following conditions are met:

These MLT duties are the same MLT duties that were previously performed prior to the MLT's change in License status.

These MLT duties are performed in the same Health Organization as previously indicated in the NSCMLT Initial registration application.

The following information must be provided to the NSCMLT at least six months in advance of the date of retirement, or must be indicated when the member applies for renewal:

  1. A letter from the employer on official hospital letterhead, which indicates the date that the MLT will retire from their current MLT position and the date the MLT will resume the same MLT position. The time frame that the MLT may change from Practicing–Restricted to Retired and from Retired to PracticingRestricted must be within a one-month interval.
  2. The MLT must ensure current Professional Liability Insurance (PLI) is maintained.
  3. The MLT must hold a current TeKnowledge.ns certificate.

Practicing Restricted MLTs who retire and do not meet the above requirements or Practicing Restricted MLTs who alter their Practicing-Restricted License status or fail to renew their Practicing-Restricted Licensing status must adhere to Section 3 of the NSCMLT Registration Regulations regarding re-licensing.

Date Developed: : Nov 2004
Reviewed Date: October 2011

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