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Confidentiality Policy

The Confidentiality Policy defines and describes the management of information for committee members and employees of the Nova Scotia College of Medical Laboratory Technologist (NSCMLT). The policy will allow for appropriate levels of transparency and confidentiality and supports the maintenance of effective relationships among the NSCMLT committee members or employees.

To ensure all committee members and employees act in the best interest of the NSCMLT and its membership. All information regarding the business of the NSCMLT board and the members of the NSCMLT discussed or revealed in the course of carrying out one’s duties and responsibilities for the NSCMLT shall be regarded as confidential unless specifically advised or instructed otherwise. The duty to maintain confidentiality of all business shall continue indefinitely.

Definitions this section is different than all other policies, I think they should all match

Chair: Chair of the Board/Committee of NSCMLT.
Committee:: committee of the Board of NSCMLT.
Committee Members: members of any Committee/Board of NSCMLT
Policy: this Confidentiality Policy.

Each committee member or employee is responsible for being aware of, understanding and complying with this Policy. Each person shall act honestly and in good faith; have the best interests of the NSCMLT in mind, and exercise care and diligence.
Each person to whom this Policy applies should avoid engaging in any business which would conflict with either the business of the NSCMLT or his or her duties and responsibilities to the NSCMLT

Duty of each Committee Member and Employee
(a) Each committee member and employee has a duty not to disclose or discuss with another person or entity or to use for his or her own purposes information concerning the business, activities and affairs of the NSCMLT received in his or her capacity as a committee member or employee unless otherwise authorized by the Board.

(b) Each committee member and employee shall ensure that no statement not authorized by the Board is made by him or her to stakeholder groups, the media or public. The Chair is the spokesperson for the NSCMLT.

(c) Each committee member and employee shall sign a confidentiality form

In all cases, the NSCMLT obligations under access and protection of personal privacy legislation shall be satisfied.

Breach of Confidentiality

Each committee member or employee shall promptly report any problems or concerns and any actual or potential violation of this Policy to the Chair of the Board.

A breach of this Confidentiality Policy may result in consequential measures up to and including removal from the Board, Committee or employment.

In the case of a breach by a committee member or employee, such consequential measures shall be determined by the Executive Directors of the NSCMLT. If the case involves an executive Board member then an alternative board member will be selected by the Chair or Vice Chair.

All breach of confidentiality will result in a verbal notice from the Board of the NSCMLT stating the NSCMLT has concerns in regards to the alleged breach. The Board shall request a meeting between the Executive Directors of the NSCMLT and the person whom allegedly breached the confidentiality policy to discuss the matter fairly, openly and completely before a decision is rendered by the NSCMLT Executive Directors.

The Executive Directors may recommend:

  • written warning stating that a breach of confidentiality will not be tolerated and will result in dismissal if a repeat occurrence occurs.
  • removal of the member from the committee
  • termination of employment

The Executive Directors of the NSCMLT shall bring to the Board a recommendation and the Board, shall vote on the decision.

Confidentiality form
Release of Information
Date Developed: July 2013
Reviewed Date: 2016

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