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Application Rejected

This policy is to inform applicants of the guidelines and relevant circumstances considered by the Nova Scotia College of Medical Laboratory Technologists (NSCMLT) in determining if an application will be rejected.

All applicants must follow the guidelines for registration as per the Nova Scotia Medical Laboratory Technology Regulations and the Act. The NSCMLT Registrar will consider and review all application and make a determination to approve, refer to the credential committee or reject the application for registration, or renewal.

The Registrar may reject an application if the applicant does not meet all requirements specified in the Act and Regulations and NSCMLT policies. An application may be denied if:

    1. Applicant has not successfully completed the prescribed certification exam
    2. Applicant has not successfully completed a prescribed accredited medical laboratory technology program
    3. Applicant does not satisfy the Registrar they possess the qualifications required 
    4. Applicant is not a Canadian citizen or does not satisfy the Registrar that the applicant is legally entitled to live and work in Canada
    5. Applicant is not competent in both written and oral English as determined by the NSCMLT Language Proficiency Policy
    6. Applicant does not provide proof or satisfy the Registrar they hold the prescribed professional liability insurance
    7. Applicant is not in good standing in all jurisdictions in which the applicant is currently or was licensed to practice as a medical laboratory technologist
    8. Applicant is currently under investigation or the subject of a disciplinary proceeding in any jurisdiction
    9. Applicant has been convicted or found to be guilty, by a court in or out of Canada, of any offence that is inconsistent with the proper professional behavior of a medical laboratory technologist, including a conviction under the Criminal Code (Canada) or the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (Canada)
    10. Applicant has a disability or illness that has potential to jeopardize public safety, or prevent them from working as a Medical Laboratory Technologist
    11. Applicant does not apply in the prescribed manner as prescribed in the act and regulations
    12. Applicant does not satisfy the Board that that person applying is the person named in any diploma or documentation submitted in support of the application
    13. Applicant provides false documentation of prescribed documents
    14. Applicant does not satisfy the Board that that person is of good character
    15. Applicant does not provide such information as the Board may require; and
    16. Applicant does not pay the prescribed fee.
  1. If the NSCMLT Registrar is not satisfied with the evidence provided by an applicant, the Registrar may request further information from the applicant, refer the matter to a Credentials Committee (the committee) or reject the application. 
  2. If the applicant is refused, the Registrar shall give written notice to the applicant on the decision and appeal process
  3. Referral to the committee can be by the Registrar, written request of the applicant, or the committee itself
  4. The applicant may appeal the decision within 30 days of receiving the rejection letter. The applicant may request the opportunity to appear before the Committee
  5. The committee considers the eligibility of the application and review the application
  6. The Credential Committee may:
    1. direct the Registrar to issue to the applicant a license
    2. direct the Registrar to issue a license subject to such conditions, limitations or restrictions as the Board considers appropriate
    3. adjourn further consideration of the application, pending completion by the applicant of such training, upgrading, clinical examinations, receipt of further documentation requested or as the Board may designate
    4. direct the Registrar to refuse the application where the Board is not satisfied that the applicant meets the criteria
  7. . If the applicant is refused, the Registrar shall give written notice to the applicant on the decision and reason
  8. This process may take up to 6 weeks.

Medical Laboratory Technology Act and Regulations S.N.S., 2000, c.8
Suspension and Reinstatement Policy – Appendix Code of Conduct
Criminal Conviction Policy                   Initial Registration Appeal Policy Policy
Disability and Illness policy

Date Approved: August, 2013
Reviewed Date: October 2016 February 2020

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