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2010 NSCMLT Annual General Meeting Reports

Application Requirements

Application Requirements

The minimum number of credits required to obtain a teKnowledge.NS certificate is eight. Credits are based on the work experience and educational activities acquired during the 4 year period prior to the submission of the application, except in the case of return to practice.

A maximum of 4 work credits can be submitted to obtain a teKnowledge.NS certificate. One work credit is based on 500 hours worked.

A minimum of 4 education credits must be submitted. Refer to the current educational credit chart to determine applicable credit values. If the applicant is unsure as to how educational credits are to be applied, contact the NSCMLT Registrar.

Reading material documented on the application must be itemized. Applicants who submit “CSMLS journal articles x 40” will be asked to re-submit a list of the articles.

Copies of all learning material should be kept for 4 years in the event of an internal audit. A copy of the application should be kept by the member in case the initial application is lost or does not reach the NSCMLT office.

Developed: June 2005
Developed by: Professional Practice Committee

Continuing Competency Requirements

Continuing Competency Requirements



The continuing education program developed by the College for its members.

TeKnowledge.NS certificate

A current certificate issued by the College upon successful completion by a member of at least 8 TeKnowledge.ns credits every 4 years. To renew a license on a yearly basis, a member of the College must hold a valid and current TeKnowledge.ns certificate. Section 13 of the Medical Laboratory Technology Regulations, section 13 states the following:

Applying for renewal of registration:
To renew the member’s registration, a member must submit a completed annual renewal form to the Registrar on or before the applicable renewal date together with proof of professional liability insurance coverage in accordance with Section 20; a declaration indicating the number of TeKnowledge.ns credits the member has completed during the periods specified on the annual renewal form; the declaration required by clause 3(1)(f)*; and payment of the registration fee.

* clause 3 section 1 (f) subsections (i, ii, iii ) refer to the details of the declaration.

If a member does not hold a current TeKnowledge.ns certificate the member’s license will be suspended immediately on the day following the current license’s expiry date. Section 16 of the Medical Laboratory Technologists Registration Regulations states the following:

Failure to renew registration
16 (1) The license of a member who fails to submit a complete annual renewal form and comply with clauses 13 (a) to (c) on or before the expiry date of license must be suspended.
(2) Suspension of a license under subsection 31(2) of the Act or under subsection 16(1) is effective on the day immediately following the current license’s expiry date.
(3) The Registrar must immediately notify, in writing, any person whose license is suspended pursuant to subsection 16(1).

Practicing Members:
All members of the NSCMLT who hold a current TeKnowledge.ns certificate must renew their certificate prior to the expiry date listed on the current certificate. teKnowledge.ns applications must be submitted to the NSCMLT office on the 1st day of the month of which the current certificate expires. This is to ensure that the application is processed in a timely manner. (See also policy on teKnowledge.ns Certificate Expiry Dates)

Non-practicing members are not required to hold a valid current TeKnowledge certificate; however if a member is seeking a practicing license, a TeKnowledge.ns certificate must be obtained prior to obtaining a practicing license. See Return to Practice Policy.

Practicing Restricted:
All practicing restricted members have 4 years from the date of membership in the NSCMLT to obtain a TeKnowledge.ns certificate. See section 15 (2) continuing competency requirements of the MLT Regulations. *

Clauses 78 (1) and (2) of the MLT Act expired December 31, 2004. As of December 31st, 2004 all applicants seeking licensure into the NSCMLT must be graduates of a recognized Medical Laboratory Technology training program. The current complement of practicing restricted MLTs who have not acquired a teKnowledge.ns certificate, must obtain a teKnowledge.ns certificate no later than November 30, 2008

New Graduates:
All graduates of a recognized MLT program accepted into the NSCMLT immediately after graduation have until the annual license renewal date of the fourth year after initial registration with the NSCMLT.

Practicing Members from Other Provinces:
Applicants seeking licensure into the NSCMLT must obtain a TeKnowledge.ns certificate prior to the annual license renewal date of November 30th of the fourth year after initial registration with the NSCMLT.

Return to Practice:
Individuals returning to the workforce after 1 year and 1 day and who do not hold a current TeKnowledge.ns certificate must acquire a certificate prior to obtaining a license. Refer to the guidelines as described under the Return to Practice Policy.

Developed: June 2005 Developed by: Professional Practice Committee

Certificate Expiry Dates

Certificate Expiry Dates

All licensed practicing Medical Laboratory Technologists are required to maintain professional development through continuing education and professional practice.

All teKnowledge.ns certificates will be issued during the time frame of January 1st to November 30th of each calendar year.

Issued certificates will expire 4 years at the end of the month the certificate was issued by NSCMLT.

Applications submitted between December 1st and December 31st will be issued certificates with an expiry date four years from November 30th of the year submitted.

All current teKnowledge.ns certificates with the following expiry dates;

December 1-31st, 2008 will be changed in the NSCMLT system to November 30th, 2008, effective June 1st, 2005.

The expiry date of the applicant’s TeKnowledge.ns certificate will be listed on a membership card. An email is sent one month in advance of an impending expiration of a teKnowledge.ns certificate.

The teKnowledge.ns certificate must be renewed BEFORE the expiry date listed on the current certificate. Applications for a renewed teKnowledge.ns certificate should be submitted to the Registrar no later than the 1st day of the month in which the teKnowledge.ns certificate expires.

Failure to renew a teKnowledge.ns certificate will result in suspension of a member’s license as described in section 16 (1) to (3) of the Medical Laboratory Technologists Registration Regulations.

Developed: June 2005
Developed By: Professional Practice Committee


  • Available to NSCMLT members and member's organizations in Nova Scotia who promote the profession through educational activities related to the field of medical laboratory science for NSCMLT members up to $1,000
  • Applications will be considered for activities that will be complete in the calendar year that funding is being requested.
  • The deadline for application submissions is April 9th annually
  • Funding will be granted for educational resources, catering for educational symposium and venue's for educational symposium or other activities determined by the NSCMLT PP Committee
  • A completed application form must be submitted before the designated deadline.
  • Recipient of Collaborative Grant agrees to complete an evaluation of the event to determine if objectives were met.
  • Recipient agrees to submit an article in the News and Views that summarizes their event or education.
  • Applicants may only be considered for one grant per year
  • Those that have received a grant within the past 3 years will only be considered if all the grant funds are not awarded to other applicants.
  • All decisions are final. If an application is rejected it will not be reconsidered for future disbursements in the same calendar year.

Eligibility Requirements

  • a detailed budget shall accompany the application for funding the event for requests over $1000.
  • the event shall be open to all active practising NSCMLT members within the requesting organization.
  • Education Days/Symposiums/Conferences shall be open to all NSCMLT members in Nova Scotia with equal registration fees for all participants.
  • an event coordinator shall be identified as the event contact.
  • the event shall have the organization’s management approval.

Eligible Professional Development Activities

  • Education Days/ Symposiums/ Conferences
  • Workshops
  • setting up Educational Programs
  • Online learning programs- Webinars, courses for groups.
  • Teleconferences for groups
  • other events may be eligible upon review by the NSCMLT PP Committee.

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