2010 NSCMLT Annual General Meeting Reports

2010 AGM MInutes

7th Annual General Meeting

Nova Scotia College of Medical Laboratory Technologists

Royal Bank Theatre, Halifax Infirmary Site - QEII 1st Floor, 1796 Summer Street, Halifax

May 15th, 2010

0.0 Call to order

The meeting was called to order at 14:40 by Chair, Nola Folker-Hill

1.0 Introduction

Guest Christine Nielsen, CSMLS Executive Director was introduced - Introductions of the Board members in attendance were made. - Six members were present and one member was absent. - Government appointed B. Chandrashakhar was absent. - Carolyn Dale, Registrar, and Nalaine Langille, Administration, were also introduced. - Motion to allow Christine Nielsen and non MLT Brian Nocon to attend the AGM M/S Darlene Gilby / Joanne Verge M/C

2.0 Approval of the Agenda

Additional items to the Agenda – Investment Committee - Parliamentarian Kathy Legere, and scrutinizers, Mary Mott and Joanne Verge, were appointed - Motion to approve Agenda with amendment of additional item M/S Linda Beaton / Kyna MacVicar  M/C

3.0 Chair’s message

Nola Folker-Hill - Report submitted. - Nola gave a brief verbal overview and gave thanks to all MLTs for their support and mentioned she has finished her term on the Board after sitting for past six years - Requested a motion for all reports to be filed at the end of the reports

4.0 Approval of the Minutes of the 2009 Annual General Meeting of the NS College of Medical Laboratory Technologists

Motion to approve minutes:        M/S Norma MacDonald / Roxanna Saulnier  M/C

5.0 Reports

5.1 Registrar’s Report

Carolyn Dale - Report submitted. - Carolyn brought to the members attention that the Finances were now handled through the NSCMLT office and that she, as Registrar, now works with Roxanna, Treasurer, on finances - Nola also added this year the NSCMLT chose to go with Ceridian for payment of employee wages. - No comments or questions.

5.2 Finance Report

Carolyn Dale - Report submitted. - No further comments/questions.

5.3 Professional Development Report

Kyna MacVicar - Report submitted - Nola recognized the PD Committee and gave thanks for all their hard work. - No comments or questions.

5.4 Marketing and Communications Report

Angeline Beaton - Report submitted - Angeline commented on the new NSCMLT ring and promo items as well as NMLW this year with the radio ad versus television. - No further comments/questions.

6.0 Standing Committee Reports

6.1 Credentials

Carolyn Dale - Report submitted. - No comments of questions.

6.2 Investigative

Carolyn Dale - Report submitted. - No comments of questions.

6.3 Council of National Certification

Wendy Bryan - Report submitted - Wendy was not present for any possible questions or comments.

6.4 CMA

Norma MacDonald - Report submitted - Norma gave a brief overview of the report and pointed out that the Registrar would be taking over as the CMA representative. - No comments or questions.

Motion to adopt all reports requested     M/S Angeline Beaton / Linda Beaton  M/C

7.0 Nominations

A call for nominations from the floor – none - Motion to accept the nominations received

M/S Norma MacDonald / Roxanna Saulnier

There are three vacancies and three nominations. - Nominees are:  Debi DeCecco, Darlene Gilby, and Chris Hirtle - Debi, Darlene and Chris were duly elected

8.0 Presentation of Awards

Thank you gifts were given to outgoing BOD members:  Norma MacDonald, Darlene Gilby and Nola Folker-Hill. - Prizes were drawn after discussion of New Business (below) - Winners of the movie night for two certificates:  Monica Smith and Ellen Humphreys - Winners of the dinner for two certificates:  Alice Bowering and Natalie MacKeen - Winners of the MP3 iPods:  Sue Jackson and Angeline Beaton - Winners of registration fees for the 2011 National Congress:  Christina Hilchie, Joan McPhee, and Stacy Thompson - Winners of the CSMLS portfolios:  Joanne Levy and Carolyn Dale - Winner of the NSCMLT ring:  Lori Penney

9.0 New Business

Investment Committee o Nola advised we are in the process of moving our investments to another manager. o Would like to have an Investment Committee o Advises anyone interested would not have to be on the Board; but must be a MLT member o Possibility of 1 to 2 yrs commitment o There should be quarterly meetings at the most to meet with the BOD and Investment people o Nola asked anyone interested to contact the NSCMLT office with their information. o The next Board meeting will be on June 17th and there will be two investment presentations.

10.0 Questions

Comment:  there should have been a May 10th, 2010 letter included with the audited statement. - Motion to include the May 10th, 2010 letter M/S Linda Beaton / Kyna MacVicar  M/C

11.0 Adjournment

Meeting adjourned at 15:20 M/S Mary Mott / Kyna MacVicar M/C

Respectfully submitted,

Nalaine Langille Administrative Assistant NS College of Medical Laboratory Technologists

Agenda Item #4.0

2010 AGM Chair Report


May 15th, 2010

FROM:  Nola Folker-Hill, MLT, Chair

RE:  Chair’s Message Date Prepared:  April 30th, 2010


The past year at the NSCMLT has been a busy one, and I have enjoyed my second year as Chair very much.  I regret that my time is up and I must say goodbye to the Board, as I feel I still have a lot to learn and am keenly interested in the activities of the Board.

I want to thank all Board members for their dedication and for the expertise they bring to the Board.  It provides for a great mix of experience when the Board is comprised of members from several disciplines, and job responsibilities.  I also want to thank the members off the subcommittees of the Board (Professional Development: Marketing and Communications: National Certification Council).  I have learned that these committees work hard and are the “doers and shakers” that diligently work behind the scenes.

Special thanks to Carolyn Dale, the Registrar, and Nalaine Langille, the Administrative Assistant, for their continued dedication to the NSCMLT and their ability to keep things moving smoothly at the office.

I also want to thank all members who have provided us with feedback.  Your comments, and sometimes frustrations have often resulted in positive action (i.e. having Policies and Procedures prepared to provide direction to all members and future Board members).  This results in improvements in the fulfillment of the mission of the NSCMLT.

Again, I encourage members to become involved with the Board by serving as an elected member, or by providing feedback to the Board.  Thanks to technology, distance is no longer a major barrier as teleconferencing is most often available.

We have recently changed our computer tracking system and I hope all members will find it useful.  Hopefully by fall you will be able to keep track of your TeKnowledge credits online.  The TeKnowledge system has been updated and will be easier to follow.  We anticipate an updated website in the near future also.

Finally, I thank the Board of Directors and the membership for allowing me to serve as your Chair for the past two years.  It truly has been a great experience.

Respectfully submitted,

Nola Folker-Hill, MLT NSCMLT Chair

Agenda Item #3.0

Registrar Report

May 15, 2010

FROM:  Carolyn Dale, MLT, B.Sc., Registrar

RE:  Registrar Report Date Prepared:  April 22, 2010


This is my fourth annual general meeting report.

The major change for the Board of Directors this year is the moving of all finances to the office. We have purchased Simply Accounting for this process.  A budget for 2010 is enclosed in your package for this meeting.  The Board of Directors is also looking at the investments for the NSCMLT.  We have met with our present investor and will be meeting with two other organizations in the month of June.

The big news from the office is that we now have lap tops so work can be done on the go.  A backup system for the lap tops has been put in place.

The following is a list of committees and/or projects I’ve been involved in since the last AGM:

1. Procedural Manual development – This manual has been approved by the board and is under review because of changes made since approval.  Most of the changes are forms and formatting.

2. Policy Manual development – a policy manual is a work in progress.  This year the Board approved a policy on the board policy format. A number of policies were developed during the year. a) Prorated fees on initial registration b) Expenses for members on NSCMLT business (Expense Policy) c) Education Grant Program

3. Regulatory Bodies of Nova Scotia – this group continues to meet regularly with the Department of Health (DOH).

4. CMA – Norma MacDonald was the Board representative for the last year.  The Board made a motion that the Registrar will represent the NSCMLT in future years based on the nature of questions being asked of the representative during the meetings.

5. PAC for the present NSCC MLT program continues to meet.

6. Board of Directors meetings – I attend all of these.

7. NAC/NRC – I attended these during the last year.

8. Timeless Medical Systems – Nalaine and I are updating all the member info received during 2010 registrations. We apologize for leaving Blood Transfusion Science (Blood Banking) off the discipline list.

9. CIHI – we continue to work with this group to develop a reporting system of the members for analysis of what is happening to MLT’s across this country.  The 2009 report was completed early March. Our next report is due August1, 2010.

10. Students – I made a presentation to the MLT students at the NSCC in October and to the Cytology students in March.  In November I presented the student of the year award to the first year student at the NSCC.  Student awards for the Cytology students were sent to the students because the awards event was cancelled because of H1N1.

11. News and Views – three publications are printed yearly unless a special issue is required.

12. Legislation “Fair Registration Practices Act” has created some work for the office making sure all our processes are fair and open for all applicants. We are presently working on our process for the recognition of the qualifications of internationally educated MLT’s.

13. AIT- Act on Internal Trade is now law.

14. National Regulators – We have started to meet on the more regular bases because of the common issues we share.

15. MLA’s – the Board of Directors has been working with the Lab Managers group on this issue.

16. Public representation on the BOD of NSCMLT is still an issue.  I have been working with Keith Dares from the Executive Council Office to help us locate suitable individuals for our board.  We presently have one of a possible three positions filled by Bageshapura Chandrashekhar.  If you know of anyone in your community who you think would be a good representative for our BOD, encourage them to apply.  The ad and application can be found on the Executive Council web site http://www.gov.ns.ca/exec_council/.

17. The MLT study was started this year. The Board has an active role in the study.  It will be completed in the fall.  Look for the Forum to release the report.

I would to thank all the members of the Board of Directors for their support over the past year. Volunteers are hard to get and the individuals we have on our Board are great workers and have represented you well.

Have a great year.

Marketing & Communications Report

TO:  NSCMLT AGM May 15th, 2010

FROM:  Angeline Beaton, MLT

RE:  Marketing & Communications Report

Date Prepared:  May 2nd, 2010


Members: Angeline Beaton (Chair), Darlene Gilby, Meredith Forrest-Parks, Theresa Odo, and Michele Gaudet

Christmas Greeting on ATV. Purchased advertising time during 2009/10 Christmas Season, cost $1,525.50 for the spots plus $113.00 for new logo.  Wishing a Happy Holidays to all from NSCMLT.  The new logo was presented for the first time.

News and Views Marketing and Communication committee is now responsible for the proofreading of the News and Views.

Promotional Items We purchased some bags, pens, post-its, pocket protectors and pins from Ross Screenprint in Antigonish. * 1,000 pocket protectors @ $1.06 * 500 post-it notes @ $2.46 * 1,000 lapel pins ¾ inch @ $1.80 * 150 little back packs @ $2.53 * 500 pens @ $1.28

There were set up costs as well for a total with taxes of $5,931.94.

There is a need to always have some available in the office and for external functions and there never seems to be enough so this year it was decided to order more of each item.

Logo Contest The logo had to be converted from a doc. file to a file suitable for coping for promo products; this was done by Ross Screenprint in Antigonish at no cost.

Rings The Ring completed production in late 2009 and is available to order by any Technologist.  The company is Jostens, www.jostens.com, and the price varies depending on size and style.

AGM The Speaker Thank you Gifts have been ordered for the AGM.  With the new logo this year Amos Pewter from Lunenburg are able to design our logo and cast it for the cover on a memory box.  Eleven were purchased to cover all speakers and to have in the office.  Cost was $41.65, with set up and taxes, for a total of $699.64. NMLW As each theme is created for a two year run; the diagnostic engine of Canada’s health care system was also the theme for 2010.

This year radio spots were purchased to air the week of April 18–24, 2010.  Darlene Gilby of Pictou County Health Authority was our voice.  It could be heard different hours of the day on 16 different radio stations across the province.

Stations and costs: * Bridgewater, Kerry Oikle, station CKBW  $1,012.48 for 28 paid for and 28 free * Yarmouth, Carol Sherman, stations (CJLS) 93.5fm Digby, 95.5FM Yarmouth, 94.7FM Yarmouth and 96.3 Shelburne for $988.75 for 35 paid for (they will bill us) * Valley, Amanda Milne, stations AVR 97.7 and Magic 949 for $1,011.21 for 17 paid for on each station * Truro, Alana Graham, stations Cat Country 99.5 and Big Dog 100.9 for $1,130.00 for 34 paid for and 18 free, 26 per station * Amherst, Roger White, station CKDH for $1,000.05 for 40 paid for and 10 free * New Glasgow, Eileen Stinson, station CKEC for $678.00 for 30 spots at a reduced rate (they will bill us) * Antigonish, Beth Gillis, station 98.9xfm for $711.22 for 35 spots at a reduced rate * Sydney, Steve Gillespie, stations 94.9the Cape and MAX 98.3fm for $994.40 (which is cheaper than the quote) for 24 paid for on 94.9the Cape and 18 paid for on MAX 98.3fm * Halifax, Jon Chisholm, station C100 for $1,695.00 for 15 paid for and 10 free * Halifax, Cindy Mattie, station Q104 for $2,095.02 for 36 paid for

Grand Total of the Radio ads:  $11,376.13.  We budgeted for $10,000.00 so we took the $10,000.00 from Advertising and $376.13 from MISC.

Radio Script During National Medical Laboratory Week, a reminder that Canada’s medical laboratory professionals – medical lab technologists, assistants, and scientists are on the front lines of the health care system.  Their skill helps save countless lives. They protect our health in a variety of settings, from hospitals to community health clinics, to public and research health labs.  Medical lab professionals are Canada’s third-largest group of health-care professionals. Up to 85 percent of decisions about diagnosis and treatment are based on laboratory test results! Something to think about during National Medical Laboratory Week, April 18-24.

Respectfully submitted by Angeline Beaton, Chair; Marketing and Communication Committee.

Professional Development Report


May 15th, 2010

FROM:  Kyna MacVicar, MLT

RE:  PDC Report Date Prepared:  April 27h, 2010

Professional Development Committee Report

PDC members: Kyna MacVicar, Edward Miles, Faye Lively, Alice Bowering, Helen Gaspar, Norma MacDonald, Ryan Fraser, Linda Barron, Valerie Pope, Rita MacDonald, and Leslie Hill.

The committee is attempting to gain coverage for all areas of Nova Scotia and is continually asking for expression of interest for participation.  There are 4 expressions of interest from the recent member survey that will be invited to join the committee.

PDC initiatives for 2009-10 * Administer TeKnowledge program and develop a Frequently Asked Question fact sheet to post on the web site. * Promote, administer and monitor the use of Media Lab, INC. * Renew educational Partnership with TALECRIS BIOTHERAPEUTICS LTD. * To play an active role in the CSMLS national PDC meetings and to explore alternative ways to promote PD across NS. * Develop a formal NSCMLT PD Budget. * Promote / pursue new website that will support PD activities. * To develop an educational grant program for individuals and groups. * Perform a member survey of website and strategic direction for NSCMLT. * To move the loan Library to be easily administered and accessible by all members. * To organize and prepare for the educational symposium and annual general meeting. * To encourage more members to play an active role on the PDC and in professional development. * Develop a Facebook page to promote events such as the AGM and share other educational opportunities.

TEKNOWLEDGE The TeKnowledge program has not had any changes this year but a frequently asked questions fact sheet has been developed to help members organize their professional development activities and accurately determine the credit values for each activity.  Education about the TeKnowledge program is planned for the coming year in the form of webinar and on site sessions. MEDIA LAB, INC The PDC purchased 250 seats from Media Lab, online compliance and CE for Clinical Laboratories at a cost of $995.00 (American), for one year.  This resource provides members online access up to 52 different courses online with new courses being added on a regular basis.  The course selection covers everything from safety to courses related to the major clinical disciplines.

227 members have used this resource.  Participants have completed 1-26 courses.  Reminders are sent out to those enrolled and who are not participating in using the resource.  The top 3 courses selected have been: “Introduction to Quality Control”, “Cerebrospinal Fluid” and “Antibody Detection and Identification”.   

The PDC will continue to support this program based on the very positive feedback received by some of the participants and the seats will be available on a first come first serve basis.  Priority will be given to those who have not held a seat previously.  The remainder of the seats will be divided up amongst the members across NS.  This is a great opportunity for all technologists who have a difficult time attending educational events or do not have access to educational events.

TALECRIS BIOTHERAPEUTICS Talecris Biotherapeutics have continued to sponsor NSCMLT professional development with another educational grant of $9000.00 to assist the NSCMLT and its members with ongoing education initiatives.  Although it is an unconditional grant, it is to be used strictly for professional development of the NSCMLT members.  The PD committee will provide a report to Talecris about the use of funds at the end of the year. CSMLS PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT The CSMLS introduces MODE courses as a member benefit in 2010.  MODE courses (Medical Occupations Distance Educators) are developed by a group of experienced senior MLT’s who have been involved with writing education material for over 30 years.  Members can select one free MODE course of choice each month.  There are over 60 MODE courses in areas such as Microbiology, Chemistry, Transfusion Science, Histotechnology and Hematology.

Michelle Squarciotta, the CSMLS Professional Development Director will be doing provincial visits with Lab Managers to promote professional development and assess member needs from a provincial perspective.  The Nova Scotia Visit is scheduled for June 18, 2010.

PD BUDGET AGM        $  5,000 Educational Grants (Group and Leadership)   $  4,800 Med Lab Week Educational Events    $  1,500 Media Lab Inc       $  1,500 Loan Library       $     500 Web Ex Meeting room      $  2,000 Web site design       $  3,700 PDC Committee Meeting Expenses    $  1,000         $20,000 WEBSITE The PDC Believes that the website is an important link in the continuing education and promotion of Professional Development to the MLTs and is interested in gaining more functionality using the website for activities such as signing up for events or applying for TeKnowledge.   There has been a designated amount included in the PDC budget to support this as an initiative and a member survey was performed to provide direction for a new website.  A sub-committee is being recommended to proceed with this initiative.

EDUCATIONAL GRANTS Two types of Educational Grants were developed and are available from the NSCMLT to support and promote professional development for NSCMLT members.  The Collaborative grant is available to member organizations in Nova Scotia up to $1,000.  The Leadership Grant is available to individuals in pursuit of Leadership education within the industry up to $500.  The Professional Development (PD) Committee designates a portion of the annual budget that is approved by the NSCMLT Board for these educational grants.  There is an application process to be followed and approval will be given annually in March.  After the approval date if there are funds remaining they may awarded on a first come basis for those who meet the qualifications.

MEMBER SURVEY A member survey has been completed online that includes some NSCMLT strategic questions and website questions to provide direction for future planning.  The participation was only 74 members so it is questionable if the feedback is valid.  The survey will be repeated once the NSCMLT office has completed the changeover of member information to the new database management system. * The survey results have provided some contact information for individuals interested in becoming involved in the 2 committees and a web design focus group. They will be contacted to gage interest in participation. * The PD committee would like to see new web site planning move ahead and recommends contacting those interested in helping out.

LOAN LIBRARY The Loan library has been copied twelve times and delivered to the office, all DHAs, NSCC and Dalhousie. Each organization has been asked to share the collection with all members in their organizations and the message has also been in News and Views to identify that there is a set at the office that can be accessed.

EDUCATIONAL SYMPOSIUM AND ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING The PDC plays an active role in preparing for the AGM each year.  This year the AGM will be held May 15/10 at the QEII Health Science Centre in Halifax.  This is a venue that is centrally located and being offered at no charge.  Our objective is to provide a day of education and the opportunity for the members to play an active role in the AGM.   Next year the AGM will correspond with the CSMLS Congress being held in Halifax so a provincial education day is not being planned for that time.

NEW MEMBERS/ IDEAS The Professional Development Committee is continually seeking new members and ideas in our ongoing commitment to promote continuing education to the members of the NSCMLT.   The PD committee has been soliciting articles for the News and Views as a way of sharing information and a way to earn TeKnowledge credits.  If you are interested in writing articles, serving on a committee or have an idea for professional development, please contact us!  Your support will be a valuable asset to the profession of Medical Laboratory Technology. FACEBOOK The PDC is launching a Facebook page to post any educational opportunities that exist that can be shared with other members. It is hoped that this online community can help to spread the word of opportunities and provide a forum to generate new ideas.

Respectfully Submitted, Kyna MacVicar PDC Chair

Agenda Item #5.3

Council for National Certification Report


AGM May 15th, 2010

FROM: Wendy Bryan, MLT

RE: CNC Report Date Prepared: April 28th, 2010


The Council for National Certification met several times over the past year.  Teleconferences were held on May 21st, September 10th, and November 12th, 2009, as well as a face to face meeting in Hamilton on February 20th, 2010.  There have been a couple of significant changes to the Council this year - Christine Nielson-Trowhill left the position of Director of Certification in September 2009 and then returned to CSMLS as the Executive Director in January 2010.  Tania Toffner became the new Director of Certification.  Michelle Verburg, the Executive Assistant, Certification, left in November and was replaced by Kim Burke.

Several items of importance were dealt with at the CNC table this year, including the following: * As the CSMLS is committed to an evidence based research approach to Prior Learning Assessment policies, the Council was presented with the final report from “Language Proficiency Testing for IEMLTs: Validating Cut Scores and a New Testing Tool”.  Three assessments tools are being recognized: The Michener English Language Assessment (MELA), the IELTS-AC and the IELTS-GT, and TOEFL.  More detailed information on the cut scores can be found on the CSMLS website.  The changes were implemented July 1, 2009. * A Subgroup report on Supervision of Students in Clinical Rotation was reported to the Council and the Council agreed with the recommendation of the Report to turn the issue over to subject matter experts. * New exam panel volunteers were selected.  Melissa Veinot from NS was one of the candidates chosen. * Shelly Tiffin from BC was elected Chair of the Council for 2010. * Examination statistics for first time writers over the past year were circulated and discussed before they were published in the Journal in February 2010. * In late 2009, the Government of Canada announced The Pan-Canadian Framework for the Assessment and Recognition of Foreign Qualifications.  MLTs were named as one of the target occupations to have timely processes in place upholding the framework’s principles.  CSMLS is currently in compliance.  Processes will reviewed for quality improvement purposes and to provide evidence of an informed approach to improvement. * The CNC was asked to develop a Standards of Practice statement for Medical Laboratory Assistants.  The Council agreed that the exam panel should compose a draft to be presented to the June 2010 CNC teleconference. * The Council discussed the Supervisory Qualifications of MLA students.  It was agreed that an MLA deemed competent to practice by their employer could sign off on the competencies evaluation of an MLA student. * Several PLA Research Projects are currently underway at the CSMLS: o Addressing Competency Gaps of Internationally Educated MLTs – a resource guide is under development o Bridging Programs for IEMLTs: A Business Case – research has been completed but the final report has not been published yet o Loan Libraries: Supporting the Professional Preparation of IEMLTs – reference textbooks are being made available in major cities across Canada o Addressing the Workforce Integration of Internationally Educated Health Professionals – CSMLS will be leading research with four other health professions (OT, PT, MRT and Pharmacy) looking at the experience of allied health professionals five years post certification/licensure o Online Self Assessment Tool – assesses readiness to Canadian practice, based on the new competency profile.

It has been an interesting and informative year with CNC.  As many of you already know, I will be finished my term on the Council next year so, if anyone is interested in stepping forward to volunteer for the position as NS Director and wants to hear more about the responsibilities involved, I would be happy to meet with you and answer any questions you may have.

Respectfully Submitted,

Wendy Bryan, MLT, BBA. NS Director to the Council for National Certification

Canadian Medical Association Report


AGM May 15th, 2010

FROM:  Norma MacDonald, MLT

RE:  CMA Report Date Prepared:  April 26th, 2010


The Assembly of Health Science Professions (AHSP) is a group that meets each year to provide health science professions with a forum for discussion of professional issues related to accreditation.  AHSP includes fifteen professions such as Medical Laboratory Technology, Medical Laboratory Assistants, Clinical Perfusion, Medical Radiation Technology and Paramedics.

This group provides input to Canadian Conjoint Accreditation (CCA) on accreditation policy and requirements, procedures for training program assessment and other issues related to health science professions.  The Nova Scotia College of Medical Laboratory Technologists (NSCMLT) is a sponsor of CCA, as a regulatory body.

This year I was pleased to represent the NSCMLT to the CMA at the AHSP meeting.  The meeting covered many topics of concern that are seen throughout Canada.  Many provinces are facing the same obstacles as we are here in Nova Scotia. The following issues were addressed in the last year during the AHSP meeting, held February 11th, 2010:

1. Point of Care testing and governing of Medical Lab Assistants are issues that are arising across the nation.

2. A question of how to license internationally trained techs was raised.  Do we give them a temporary license until they can be certified?  The issue was tabled until the next meeting.

3. Safety competency was brought to the forefront and it was discussed if we could have one safety competency across health care.  After some discussion it was decided that since all areas of health care have a varied exposure and requirements it was decided that each discipline should continue to test on their individual competencies.

4. The CSMLS discussed that there have been some recent certification issues.  The issues that are of concern come when a school has a lowered pass rate on the national certification.  Only first attempts are used in this calculation.  The CSMLS contacts the school with the information to let them know with which areas their students are having difficulty.  The schools can also submit a complaint if they feel that a section of the certification is unfair and it will be reviewed by the board.

5. Clinical placement continues to be a problem in all areas of health care.  Currently studies are being done to evaluate the validity of simulated clinical experience in different health care fields.  Some have shown promising results, however the study is ongoing.

6. A school in Saskatchewan is going to be the first to have Medical Laboratory Assistants certified in Canada this year.  They are also currently working on accreditation.

Although this was a great opportunity for a board member to represent the NSCMLT it has been decided for continuity and best representation of the college that the registrar will be the representative at future CMA meetings.

Respectfully submitted,

Norma M. MacDonald, BSc, MLT

NSCMLT representative to AHSP

Agenda Item #6.4

Investigative Report


AGM May 15, 2010

FROM:  Carolyn Dale, MLT, B.Sc., Registrar

RE:  Investigative Report Date Prepared:  April 22, 2010


For this past year there were no discipline issues.

Discipline Committee: B. Chandrashekher Roxanna Saulnier Darlene Gilby

Agenda Item #6.2

Credentials Report


AGM May 15, 2010

FROM:  Carolyn Dale, Registrar

RE:  Credentials Report Date prepared:  April 22, 2010


The credentials committee discussed one topic this past year:

1. An application for exemption.  This was denied.

Credentials Committee Members Darlene Gilby Kyna macViar Nola Folker-Hill Carolyn Dale

Agenda Item #6.1